Terms and Conditions

This web site is operated by Fire Training & Sevices Limited (hereafter referred to as “the Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”). All purchases made on this web site are governed by these Terms and Conditions at any time although the Terms and Conditions governing any given purchase will be those in effect at the date of your order.

If you order goods after we have published the changes you will be bound by those changes. Accordingly, you should check prior to each order to ensure that you understand the precise terms and conditions applicable to your purchase. To assist you in determining whether the Terms and Conditions have changed since your most recent order we will display the date when these Terms and Conditions were most recently updated.

We will confirm acceptance of your order. This will occur either by message on the website immediately after you have confirmed your order, or by us sending an e-mail to the email address you have provided to us. We may do both, in which case the acceptance will occur on whichever arrives sooner of the web message and the email.

At this point the purchase contract will be made and we will supply the goods to you in accordance with your order and these Terms and Conditions.


There is a no cancellation policy for course bookings. 100% of the invoice is payable prior to the course date.

One course transfer to another date and / or venue is permitted and is free of charge, if made no less than 30 days prior to the booked course date. Course transfer requests must be made in writing. If the course transfer is made within the 30 days of the booked course date there will be;

For Hotel Course bookings: a standard charge of £25 plus VAT per delegate

For In House Course bookings: the accommodation cost for the trainer

Course transfer requests must be made written. We reserve the right to change the hotel venue and inform all delegates in writing to the email address you have provided us. Any venue change will be in close proximity to the booked venue.


All prices are in UK Pounds and are exclusive of VAT which will be charged, where applicable, at the current rate. The price of the goods will be as quoted on the website at the time you confirm your order (usually by clicking the “Submit” button) subject only to any inadvertent technical error for which we will not be liable.

If you subsequently amend your order, the prices charged will be those applicable to the amended item(s) at the time that the amended order is confirmed. Please note that as promotions are offered for a limited period of time subsequent amendments to your order may mean that certain promotions are no longer being offered.

The price of the goods does not include a charge for delivery.

Sales and Servicing

  1. All Goods or Services manufactured and or supplied by or on behalf of Fire Training & Services Limited (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) are sold to the Purchaser on the following Terms and Conditions.
  2. Estimates/Quotations which are not accepted by the Purchaser within thirty days from the date thereon are subject to confirmation by the Company. An Estimate/Quotation does not constitute an offer by the Company and may be altered or withdrawn.
  3. The Company shall be entitled to assign any or all of its rights and to perform any of its obligations through Sub-Contractors.
  4. Cancellation: In the event that an order placed with the Company is subsequently cancelled, the Company reserves the right to charge a ten percent cancellation charge based on the full amount of the order, together with all costs incurred up to the date of cancellation. Any other material specially required may also be subject to cancellation charges to the full cost of the material.
  5. When Equipment has been installed by the Company or its servants, the contract shall be deemed completed after the final test has been carried out, or after one month from the practical completion of the installation (whichever is the sooner) and the installation will thereafter be the entire responsibility of the purchaser.
  6. The Company undertakes to rectify any defects which are accepted by the company as arising from defective material or workmanship in any Products Manufactured by the Company, which under normal conditions of use develop within twelve months from the date of completion of the installation provided that: 

    A) Immediate notice of defects is given in writing to the CompanyB) The defective products are returned to the Company carriage paid within twelve months of the date of completion of the installation (or as applicable from the date of dispatch).C) The equipment has been serviced/maintained by the Company.

    D) Accidental damage, malicious damage and misuse of equipment will not be covered under any warranty.

    E) The Company does not accept liability for indirect or consequential loss.

  7. The Purchaser shall accept delivery of unload and provide suitable protection for all materials delivered. The material so delivered (whilst remaining the property of the Company until paid for in full) shall be at the risk of the Purchaser after its entry upon the premises specified by the Purchaser and the Purchaser shall indemnify the Company in respect of any loss sustained thereafter.
  8. Payment for Goods supplied and/or work carried out shall be settled within thirty days (strictly cash against invoice) unless otherwise stated and all prices given are Ex-Works exclusive of value added tax or any other taxes, levies or duties which shall be borne by the Purchaser unless otherwise stated. The Company does not accept pay when paid contracts where the contract is to include for the installation of other companies’ products the Purchaser shall pay on delivery of materials an amount according to the value of work completed and/or materials delivered. Thereafter the Purchaser shall pay progress payments in respect of work completed and/or materials delivered.
  9. The title to the goods sold to the Purchaser shall not pass to the Purchaser until such goods have been unconditionally paid for in full and until such payment is received, the Company reserves the right to gain entrance to any premises to retake possession of its own goods but the goods shall be at the purchaser’s risk once delivered according to his instructions or to his premises or collected by him, his servants or agents or acceptance thereof by the Purchaser, his servants or agents if the goods remain on the Company’s premises.
  10. If for any reason the Purchaser by his conduct renders the obligations of the company impossible to perform or complete during the agreed normal working hours whether by any act or omission on his part the Company reserves the right to charge the Purchaser in respect of any loss damage costs, or charges which may be incurred by the company as a result of the Purchaser’s conduct.
  11. The Company reserves the right to charge interest on any payment not made within thirty days of invoice. The level of such interest charges shall not exceed five percent above the prevailing Bank of England basic rate.
  12. Arbitration and commercial disputes shall be settled under English Law.
  13. Delivery – whilst every effort will be made to meet anticipated delivery/installation dates these are estimates only and the company will not be liable for delays beyond its reasonable control.
  14. The Company will not be held responsible for breaches of contract beyond our control, i.e. third party strikes, lock outs or other industrial action, civil commotion, riot, war, fire, explosion and political interferences etc.
  15. The Company may deliver by instalments in such quantities as it may reasonably decide; such instalments shall be separate obligations and no breach in respect of one or more of them shall entitle the Purchaser to cancel any subsequent instalments or repudiate this Contract as a whole.
  16. Final handover commissioning certificate will only be issued when account is paid in full.
  17. All equipment delivered to the Purchaser/Contractor wether it is at the Purchaser’s / Contractor’s official address or the site address must be paid in full within fourteen days of delivery date.
  18. It is company policy that all first time supply of labour and materials are required to be completed by full payment being received by the Company or invoice total is greater than £5,000 the Purchaser will receive a full Vat invoice. Company Bank details shall be given upon request.
  19. By accepting this quotation the Purchaser is bound by the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions have been updated on the 31st December 2012.