Fire Safety Risk Assessments

UK Legislation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, England and Wales and The Scotland Fire Act 2005 are designed to make the employer, landlord, senior person on site and employees legally responsible for the implementation and maintenance of fire legislation in their workplace.

The Fire Risk Assessment is the start point to determining that the workplace has all the requirements needed for compliance and any shortfalls are identified and rectified. This process can be done by on site expertise or by an outside agency.

The on site option allows for greater understanding of your setup and it is easier to suggest improvements. The outside agency option (external risk assessors) can appear to be the simplest option but it can work out being more expensive. Quite often an external risk assessor can prove to be the least effective option when it comes to updating and maintaining your risk assessment.

We provide the best fire training courses in the UK for training Fire Safety Managers to carry out Risk Assessments. It gives you the ability and confidence to update and maintain your workplace to the highest standards needed to ensure safety standards are met.