Fire Extinguisher Installation and Maintenance

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Fire extinguishers are often the first line of defence in the outbreak of a fire. Though the role they play in an overall fire safety plan is relatively small, it can be vital. They are used to put out and control fires, preventing them from spreading, causing serious damage and a real risk to the safety of those in the premises.

We can help customers in Slough choose the right fire extinguishers for their needs. We also provide regular servicing for residential and commercial clients to ensure their extinguishers are in full working order and conform to fire safety regulations.

Fire Rescue Services attended 167,150 fires in 2017/18. This was a  three per cent increase compared with the previous year. This could be reduced with effective training and by having the correct fire safety equipment available.

Fire extinguisher installations in Slough

Your extinguishers can help you react promptly to a fire, and we supply a range of different kinds of extinguishers. We carry stocks of water, wet chemical, CO2, dry powder, and foam extinguishers. After all, there are different kinds of fire and many of them require a specific kind of extinguisher.

For chip pan fires, a wet chemical extinguisher is the most effective way of putting the fire out. Using a CO2 extinguisher would be the best option for dealing with electrical fires. Depending on the nature of your business and the equipment used will affect what solution works best.

Because we know the difference, we can help you equip your premises and business as effectively as possible. We take a look at the different risks you could be exposed to and help you choose the right extinguishers. We also look at your needs for cabinets and stands, where they should be placed and what kind you should have. Ensuring the safe storage and quick access to extinguishers is an essential part of making them effective.

Extinguishers should be part of your fire safety plan, alongside equipment like fire alarms and emergency lighting installation and maintenance. In the event of a fire, evacuation and calling the emergency services should be the number one priority. Training is an essential part of extinguisher use, as well. After all, picking up the wrong extinguisher to deal with a certain type of fire can be a serious risk.

Fire extinguisher servicing in Slough

Not only do you need to install the right fire extinguishers, but you need to make sure that they are regularly checked and serviced for effectiveness, as well. All fire extinguisher equipment must be serviced once a year, according to the latest regulation. We can help you full service your extinguishers. We can inspect them, inform you of the necessary changes, and help you thoroughly implement them.

Amongst the requirements, we fully inspect that all extinguishers meet the required rate, maintain the pressure they need and aren’t in danger of corrosion. Furthermore, we can ensure that all labelling is easily readable and that the mechanisms, dip tubes, and hoses are working as they should be.

Do you need for fire extinguishers for your premises?

Fire extinguishers help provide a precise solution to a particular problem. They are to be used after the outbreak the fire, but before it has the chance to spread. As mentioned, calling the emergency services should be your first priority.

However, a closer look at the recent statistics for fires in Slough and the Berkshire area indicates how essential they are. The most recent stats show 769 instances of fire-related emergencies in one month alone.

Calling the emergency services should be one of the first things you can do, but a fire extinguisher can help you deal with the situation before they have the time to arrive. Emergency services show a response time of over 10 ten minutes in 74% of all reports.

Fire extinguishers can stop fires from spreading, causing serious damage to the property as well as goods and possessions within it. Most importantly, they can decrease the risk of loss of human life.

Why you should trust us for your fire extinguisher needs

If you need fire extinguisher installations and services in Slough, then you need the top fire safety experts available. We are thoroughly qualified, licensed, and experienced in helping commercial and residential customers alike get equipped with all the equipment they need.

Customer service is one of our top priorities, too. We’re quick to respond to any queries and concerns, and work to ensure that you’re both informed about the risks and your needs and ensured that your equipment is up to the task. We want to help you meet not just your legal requirements but to achieve real peace of mind.

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