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Fire Alarm Installation Slough and Fire Alarm Maintenance Slough

Fire alarms are your first line of defence when a fire breaks out. They give you the time to take action, to evacuate the premises and to get the emergency services to respond as quickly as possible. We help install and maintain fire alarms for both residential and commercial clients all throughout Slough.

Fire Alarm Installations Slough

Every property is at risk of fire, and an alarm can be the most effective way to ensure that you respond as promptly to them as possible. Fire alarms are an early warning system, calling attention to the danger and allowing you, your family, staff, and customers the time you need to react in the most effective way.

We help supply and install a whole line-up of high-quality fire alarms, meeting all the latest standards and regulations. These devices monitor and react to changes in the environment, including smoke detection, to trigger an alarm.

Business owners can benefit from our expert knowledge and our selection of tried and tested alarms that can connect to existing fire safety systems. For instance, fire alarms can automatically trigger the sprinkler systems in a property, or automatically send a call-out to your local fire and safety services.

You are required by law to have fire alarms in your property, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. We help all clients identify their risks and choose the alarm systems that best help them meet their needs.

Fire alarms are essential – A fast and calm response to a fire can help prevent death, extensive property damage and running the risk that you don’t meet all the necessary regulations. The cost of installing a new fire alarm is nothing compared to the costs of not having one when you need it most.

Fire Alarm Maintenance Slough

Engineer testing a fire detector
Maintenance is a crucial part of making sure that your property is safe from fires. Homeowners, landlords, and business owners should test their fire alarms once a month to make sure that they are working. Otherwise, we can help you meet a routine maintenance plan that keeps the effective and less likely to cause false alarms or to not work when they’re needed the most. If there are ever any issues with your alarm, you can get in touch and we will be there to help get them back up to standard.

What are the risks of not having fire alarms?

There is never a better time to ensure that your property is best protected from the risk of fire. Out of 1,600 properties (residential & commercial) that were tested by the Royal Berkshire Fire And Rescue Service, nearly 1 in 5 had to take action to fix problems that stopped them being compliant with fire regulations.

The latest UK-wide stats show the neglecting your need for fire and smoke alarms has dire implications. Fire alarms were not installed in 37% of all dwelling fires. A further 25% of fires happened where an alarm was present but did not operate.

If your smoke or fire alarm is over ten years old, it should be replaced and all alarm systems need to be tested every month. With a fire alarm, your chances of surviving a fire increase by 74%.

Engineer carrying out maintenance on fire alarm panel

Trust us to install your fire alarms in Slough

We are experts in the fire safety industry. We have the qualifications, experience, and the expertise you need to ensure you’re getting the right fire alarm services. We have been supplying, installing, and helping homeowners, landlords, and business owners in the Slough area for years now.

Our fire alarms are of the highest quality, up to all the latest standards and regulations. They can give you the extra minutes you need to respond to a fire as effectively and efficiently as possible, as well as cutting the risk of false alarms that older systems have trouble with.

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If you need any help with fire alarm installation or maintenance, please get in touch with us through the contact details provided on the site. For years, we have helped both residential and commercial clients stay safe. Fire alarms play a decisive role in helping you respond better to a fire, decreasing the cost of property damage and the risk to the health and safety of those involved.

Get in touch today and we can immediately start helping you choose and install the fire alarm system that you and those you’re responsible for need.

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