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Fire Alarm Installation Guildford and Fire Alarm Maintenance Guildford

For both the business and the home, a fire alarm can give you the time and the time necessary to take action and ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, your staff, and your customers. We offer full installation and ongoing fire alarm maintenance for residential and business clients all throughout the Guildford area.

Fire alarm installation Guildford

Fire and smoke alarms are your first line of defence when a fire breaks out. They are the most effective early warning system currently available, giving you, your family, your staff, and customers time to evacuate and for you to alert the fire services as soon as possible.

Our line of the latest, high standard, regulation-ready fire alarms quickly monitor any changes in the environment, including smoke detection, to trigger an alarm. In commercial environments, business owners are required by law to have fire alarms as part of their fire safety plan. They can also benefit from linking their fire alarms to existing security systems, such as automatic alerts to the fire station and the activation of sprinkler systems.

We have a wide selection of different options with varying features, and we can help you find which ones work best with your property. Following a fire risk assessment, we can help find the areas at the greatest risk and ensure that alarms are placed where they’re most needed and that they have all the features that best helps you ensure the fastest and most effective response to an emergency in your property.

Fire alarms play a crucial role in preventing extensive damage, keep your property regulation ready, and saving lives. When you consider the risks of what happens when you let a fire go unchecked, the cost of installation is minimal.

Providing fire alarm maintenance in Guildford

Engineer testing a fire detector

Fire Training & Services provides Guildford fire protection equipment such as fire alarms. Our team serves all of Guildford and the Guildford area in providing all the necessary maintenance and repairs needed to keep them as effective as possible. Homeowners and business owners alike are advised to test their fire alarm systems at least once a month. If there are any issues, we will be out in no time to help it get back up to scratch. We can also provide routine fire alarm maintenance to help prevent any of those issues from arising in the time you need your alarm working the most.

What are the risks of not having a fire alarm?

The necessity of working alarms should not be underestimated. The latest fire data show that in the past 10 years, there have been 62 deaths as a result of fires, most of them accidental. In the UK-wide for the previous year, alarms were absent from the fire area in 37% of dwelling fires and a further 25% of fires happened where an alarm was present but did not operate. Smoke and fire alarms should be replaced every 10 years to ensure reliability and be tested every month. With a fire alarm, your chances of surviving a fire increases by 74%.

As for the risk to businesses, 80% that have suffered a major fire fail to cope with the costs of recuperating within 18 months of the incident. Fire alarms represent your best opportunity to get the fastest, most effective response to a fire.

Engineer carrying out maintenance on fire alarm panel

Trust us to install your fire alarm

As experts in the fire safety industry, we have plenty of experience supplying, installing, and helping homeowners, landlords, and business owners ensure that their properties and fully equipped with the fire alarms they need in the Guildford area. We can help assess your needs by taking a better look at the property, identifying the points that fire alarms might be most necessary, and installing them.

All the fire alarms supplied are of the highest quality and will help you meet the latest standards and regulations, cutting down not just your risk of being caught unaware by a fire, but also by false alarms that can waste your time and the fire service’s time.

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